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Dashboards for Quickr Domino July 13, 2008

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Have you ever wished there was an easier way to see all your to-do items, latest news, calendar entries, etc. across all your Quickr places? Quickr is relatively new in the space, and while it’s a great tool, there isn’t an easy way to see all your stuff in one place (yet).

When you log into Quickr, you see a list of your places, and that’s great. But without going into each place, I’d really like to see things I need to act upon – new posts, new documents, upcoming calendar entries and the like – wouldn’t you? Sure, you could use WebSphere Portal and the Quickr APIs to create some cool portlets – but if I’m not a Portal user, then what?

Well, enter a Lotus/IBM Business Partner, OpusNeo.

Opus Neo has a tool called Neo.Dashboards that creates a great dashboard-like page for Quickr Domino places. This page can be modified/customized as it essentially has some sytylesheets associated with it and is a bunch of iframe-like portlets. It’s a great way to show those things like tag clouds of the metadata, a list of what’s new across all your places, calendar entries, tasks or to-do items across places, etc. It’s a very cool product, and I’ve shown it to a couple of customers so far who have loved it!

And, Neo.Dashboard provides a ton of other stuff besides just the pretty interface! They give you easier administration for things like administration of places, customization and logging.

In fact, Opus Neo’s Dashboard product was nominated for the 2008 Lotus Award for “Best TOTAL Lotus Software Solution”. They are a great company to work with and even have a demo out there you can watch.

So, if you have a lot of places and use Quickr for Domino, take a look!



1. luis benitez - July 14, 2008

Very nice!!! That looks super cool!! Thanks for letting me know!

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