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I’ll share my jungle gym! (Part One) July 25, 2008

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Do you share? Are you ok with other people using your toys?

What about your assets? What about those things you spent a LOT of time putting together? Do you hold them near and dear to your heart or did you really learn that all-important of preschool lessons?

My work team got together this week for a much-needed face-to-face and one of the questions during our session was “Is there anything we could be doing better”?. Wow. Loaded question

You see, my company is 40% mobile. That means that my team (all 8 of us if you include our manager) live all over the territory (Great Lakes). None of us live in the same cities. So, as you can imagine, there’s not a lot of “togetherness” happening unless it’s by chance or by well-planned design. And, to top it all off, most of the team is new to the role (5 of 8), so many are still learning the ropes and just able to keep their heads above water. So, when we finally got together, I found it interesting how we replied to that all-important, loaded question of “WHAT CAN WE DO BETTER”?

While we had many ideas, I found it interesting that it really boiled down to 3 main categories:

  • Enablement (E)
  • Teaming (T)
  • Assets (A)

And of those categories, a very large majority of items within them really pertained to SHARING. I’ll expand (with a letter designation to one of the three categories above) …

  1. E- When a team member gets training, he or she should “Pass It On” so that the rest of the team can gain that value.
  2. E – Each team member should present at our regular meetings on something they know.
  3. T – Everyone on the team should have a blog and should update it regularly with their knowledge.
  4. A – We should have a repository to store all our assets so the full team has access to them
  5. A – We should all deliver a consistent message
  6. T – We should all share VMWare images, demo scripts, etc.
  7. E – We should provide information to new team members about the role and how to find things

So…let me see…#1 – SHARING! #2 – SHARING! #3 – SHARING…sharing, sharing, sharing, sharing!! Say it with me now – S H A R I N G!!!!!

So, no matter the “category”, the bottom line is that if we shared more, we should be able to accomplish more!!

Duh, Drea, you’re saying. We ALL know that!

Of course you do! But do you DO it? I mean, REALLY do it? And if you do, HOW do you do it?? And, why don’t you do it MORE OFTEN???!!!!!!

So, we’ve figured it out, and we’ve put in motion a plan – because we all want to share! And I LOVE that! We all learned that lesson! (WHEW!!)

In the interest of sharing, I’ll keep posting on our progress and our plans. I think it’s gonna be a GREAT ride!

And hey – you — the reader….SHARE! How do YOU share????

Oh…and for you “socialites” out there…YES..social tools WILL be involved in the sharing!ย  Don’t worry about that one!!ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰



1. theotherstanlee - July 26, 2008

Well, as one of those people who is new to the role (but not new to IBM – just hit my 10yr anniv), I agree that Sharing is the key to working together. It builds trust and camaraderie between team members.

That being said, I’m definitely one who has run the gamut from sharing to holding close to the vest (more on that in my blog), and I can’t wait to help contribute to my new team!

Now it’s off to work on my blog!

2. luis benitez - July 26, 2008

Hi Drea,

I would admit that up to 2-2.5 yrs ago I was really afraid of sharing. I figured that if I shared, I would be more disposable. Au contraire, the more I share, the more I expand my social network, and the more executive visibility that I have.

I now blog internally and externally and love chatting up with BP’s, customers, and well, competitors and help shape this new medium.

3. dreanotes - July 26, 2008

@2 Luis, that’s AWESOME! And don’t you just “feel good” too??!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Seriously though – we’ve all done it, right? We’ve all thought (albeit maybe in the past) that we had to guard that info so we could call it our own and get ahead in our careers. The interesting fact though, is exactly what you (and others) are finding out when they start to share – especially if you share PUBLICLY! Sharing is good!

In today’s society, it has become even more of a “Who you know” scenario. And I think we’re finally tapping into how you widen that circle of who you know – and what that *really* does for you.

4. dreanotes - July 26, 2008

oh – and @1 Stan – looking forward to getting that blog link!!

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