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I wasn’t going to get political BUT…. October 8, 2008

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I wasn’t going to go there on this blog.  I wasn’t going to put my political views out there for everyone to read.  I’m not one to push my ideals on ANYONE and I don’t want to preach.


I’m watching the 2nd presidential debate tonight, and I have one MAJOR comment I HAVE to have heard.


OMG!  I SWEAR!  He said “My Friend” just about every other sentence in this debate and I can tell you that within a half an hour, I was tired of hearing it.  By an hour, it was seriously pissing me off.  By 90 minutes, I was ready to drive to Nashville and scream to his face!!!

He looked old, he looked frail, he was NOT respectful of Obama at ALL – even walking around while Obama was speaking!  Get some respect, McCain!

But, overall – whatever your views, everyone I’m sure agrees on one thing..this campaign has gotten TOO brutal, too mean and has started to focus TOO much on character flaws and negativity.  America is hurting.  We have been for a LONG time.  Let’s get back to the ISSUES, back to reality and keep on message.

I’m tired of it.  I’m NOT your friend.



1. Steve - October 14, 2008

Hey Drea,
I don’t know how you can possibly NOT get political on your own blog. Every time I try to avoid it, something like McCain referring to all his listeners as his “friends”, gets my blood boiling, and I need a release.

As a side note, we obviously share a surname, plus my youngest daughter’s name is Andrea! She’ll be 11 next month.

2. YellowWhale - June 6, 2011

Villians in stories sometimes refer to the protagonists as friends. Not that I’m implying anything about McCain.

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