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The Arrival April 13, 2009

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MAN! It’s been FOREVER since I wrote here! The last few months of my pregnancy were absolute CHAOS! My sales reps were doing everything they could to book every moment of my time before I left on leave, and yet “the little one” was demanding her own time in terms of Dr’s appointments and health issues and such. WHEW! What a ride!!

But..that was before. This is now. So, welcome to the next part of my life!

I have so much to say about the last 6 days, it’s absolutely amazing! I will try not to sound like the totally obsessed new Mommy, but you know how that goes! So, bear with me, and I’ll try not to get TOO obsessed and crazy! (you know..those hormones are still there!)

Anyway, here’s the latest shakedown..

But…it’s not supposed to happen TODAY!!!

I have to admit, Sunday, April 5th 2009 was my due date – you know..the day she was “supposed” to come into the world. BUT..I had been to the Dr’s on the 2nd and they told me that I pretty much was not making any progress, wouldn’t be ready to give birth anytime soon and that they didn’t want to wait until too long past my due date to bring the little one out (health issues and all). So, after much discussion, we scheduled the little one’s arrival for Tuesday the 7th. Yes..scheduled. As in..we had a meeting, it was on my calendar. I LIVE by my calendar, so to me, it was just a wait and watch kinda game!

Apparently though, the little one was having NONE of that! How DARE we try to schedule her arrival?! She’s in charge of her own schedule dang it!! So, when my water broke on Sunday afternoon, I was a little bit in shock and quite a bit in denial! And, to make matters worse, since we had scheduled it for Tuesday, I never did those last-minute things..you know..go to the grocery so Alex would have food while we were gone; get some laundry done; clean the house before I would no longer be able to, etc. etc. OOPS!cimg0401

So after some running around and getting a neighbor to at least pick up Alex some bread and milk (Thanks Paul and Missy!!!)..we got to the hospital around 4pm on Sunday and met with my Dr. Then, by 6:30 I was being prepped for surgery. Yup – THAT fast!! Long story on the surgery part, but suffice it to say, I went into the operating room at 7:15 and at 7:49, just like that, Amelia Marie Metzger made her arrival into the world!

And let me tell you…she screamed from the minute they took her out! So…there she is..a whopping 8lbs 2 ozs!! Big girl, huh??!!

Taco, Taco, Burrito, Burrito

cimg0450 We were in the hospital for 4 days (the extra day was due to her having jaundice) and they were the fastest (and yet slowest) 4 days of my life! I felt run over (I guess that surgery really IS a major one, huh??!!), elated, tired and wide awake all at the same time. We learned how to feed (it’s NOT as natural and easy as it sounds), how to interpret her cries and how to just be together. And, more importantly, we learned how to do the best invention in the world…the swaddle! Or, as I have now come to call it..the burrito! As you can see from the pic above..the hospital swaddles really made her look like a little burrito..and after that, anytime we do the swaddle, I can’t help but sing that song!!!! πŸ˜‰ (South Park fans, you know what song I’m talking about!!)

Then, on Thursday, as fast as it came, we were headed home, into the world of the unknown…all alone..without help! πŸ˜‰

And So It Goes…

We got home on Thursday and the next couple days up to today have also been chaos! The first night was the hardest, as I think she was up every hour wanting fed or changed or played with or something. But, we’re finally getting the hang of one another and last night we had 2 (yes, count them..TWO) 3-4 hour periods of solid sleep!! (YEAH!) I couldn’t be happier!

And, like the song, so it goes. That’s the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life. One that, honestly, I never thought I’d have. It’s amazing. Everything about it is amazing. Just seeing that life be born, then the whole feeding thing..so strange that it all comes together like that. So strange that the whole system just works (like a Mac!!) ;-)! And I STILL can’t really fathom that I’m a Mom!! How odd to even say it!

So, there you have it, and here we are! As many challenges as I’ve faced in my life, somehow I can’t help but think this will be my biggest. But you know what…I think it just might be the most rewarding as well. Amazing.cimg0460



1. Luis Benitez - April 13, 2009

LOL… Feeding is like a Mac ?? You crack me up… She’s adorable!!!

Glad that you are getting various 3-4 hr naps. Soon those periods will get longer. Hope you had a nice weekend

2. Chris Blatnick - April 13, 2009

Congratulations, Andrea! It really is the coolest thing you will ever do. Have fun with her while you can. It seems so cliche, but they really grow up before you know it. You’ll have a blast, especially when it’s all new like this. Take care!

3. Teri Hall - April 13, 2009

It certainly is a miraculous experience! So glad Amelia is doing well! Love the burrito! It was the only thing that consistently worked for us. Loved your comment about coming home… we felt the same way… couldn’t believe they trusted us to know what to do and wanted to take a nurse home with us. πŸ™‚

4. Amy Rank Shaffer - April 13, 2009

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I love her name and she is very beautiful. You’re going to be such a great mom. Enjoy every moment.

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