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Mollie’s Bubby August 4, 2008

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Mollie LOVES Bubbies. She really does.

So, I’ve told you about my Beabull, Mollie (half Beagle, half Bulldog). She’s adorable, and almost 2 years old. And, there’s ONE thing she loves in life…her Bubby.

Bubby’s not just an ordinary toy – oh no! And although Bubby varies from month to month, (Unfortunately, Mollie likes to eat Bubbies) Bubby squeaks – Bubby talks and Bubby makes Mollie happy. Bubby makes Mollie VERY happy!

Mollie knows Bubby by name – she searches for him every time you mention his name. When she finds him – Oh, the joy! The rapture! The love! The playing, shaking, running, squeaking, jumping, throwing – Yeah, it’s Bubby!!

Does it matter that Bubby changes every month? No. Mollie’s love for Bubby is undying – as long as Bubby squeaks and is fuzzy – it’s the same lovely Bubby to her!

This weekend, a new Bubby came in town – one that has the most colorful fur and wonderful squeak. One that is supposed to last – no matter how long Mollie chews him (yeah, right). Mollie really loves this Bubby.

And, this morning, as I’m still waking up from the weekend’s grog, Mollie’s day with Bubby has already begun. Ah..to have such love and joy so early in the morning