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It’s getting closer… December 12, 2008

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So I officially started my 6th month of this pregnancy last week. Yes – 6 months! Can you believe it??!! I thought I was doing ok until last weekend – when it all hit me in one terrifying moment!

What happened you ask? Well…I found a daycare.  AND I bought the baby’s furniture. AND…I registered! Yup!  Can you believe it?  I’m actually being responsible!  I’m acting like a mom!  It’s all very new and odd to me, in case you are wondering.

The baby furniture and registering came all in one day! I convinced a friend to meet me at a very large Babies ‘R Us store, and we did it all in one fell swoop! And on my drive home, it hit me…HOLY CRAP! This is real! I mean, really real..and there’s NO going back!! I don’t think I’m ready. In fact, I know I’m not ready!  But..the good thing is, her room should really look awesome!babyfurniture

So, her room is going to be lavender, white and lime (not the colors shown here – and if you’re interested, here’s the crib bedding set I bought).  I bought the white furniture shown at the left here at Babies ‘R Us and I think it will be really cute.  Especially if I change out the knobs on the dresser and armoire into some cute colored glass knobs or something.  I think I’ll do the walls in lavender and find some really cute wall decals of butterflies and/or trees/flowers.

And, I just got a call that it will be delivered next week!  So…now I have to clean out the room that is currently being used as storage (for my purses) and make it the baby’s room!  Again..can you say Holy Crap!!  😉

So, between that and finding the daycare (another issue altogether), it’s finally becoming a reality.  Oh..and can I also tell you that my stomach like popped out overnight?  Oh yeah, there’s no mistaking it now!  The clothes don’t fit anymore, girly – it’s preggers time!

Ok – why didn’t anyone warn me it would be like this??!!!