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Building a Collaboration Roadmap – Part1 February 4, 2010

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Roadmaps are awesome.  Roadmaps can help you learn how to get to your vacation destination or to your new office.  Roadmaps can show you how to put together furniture.  Roadmaps can even help you run your business.  Roadmaps seem to be multi-talented little things, aren’t they?!

So, roadmaps are helpful – I get that!  What I also get is that roadmaps are a big part of what customers are looking for these days.  We need roadmaps to help us get out of these “yucky” times and show us how we’re going to succeed.  I also get that roadmaps apply to collaboration and a lot of my customers are asking about Collaboration Roadmaps.

It seems that companies are waking up about collaboration and have decided they need to outline how collaboration will work and when it will be available.  It’s a good thing, I think that this is happening – it means collaboration is coming to the forefront again and it means that people are getting “smarter” about how they should be working.

So…enter my day job.  By day, I’m a Lotus ITS.  What that exactly means, I can’t really explain – it’s a difficult role to explain, I think.  Essentially it means that I help customers understand the value of Lotus  software and how to implement it in their organization.  And, since Lotus Software happens to focus on collaboration…that naturally leads to me being called on to help out with collaboration roadmaps!  So…I set out to build a process for building collaboration roadmaps – a roadmap for roadmaps, you might say!

In true “smart work” fashion, the first thing I did when called upon to build these collaboration roadmaps was to search within my company to see who had created them before.  (I mean, why recreate the wheel, after all??!!)  What were they, I wondered?  How did they come about?  What does one look like?  What I got was a conglomeration of answers – a TON of material that provided a TON of information that had been used a TON of times for a number of customers.  Almost every asset was different – each had something different to say – each had it’s own “message” and each led to a different destination.

Upon closer inspection however, I found a pattern.  Like a true roadmap, there was a way to get from Point A to Point B in the most efficient way.  A specific path showed up in all the mess, and that’s where I focused my game.  That’s where I believe the payoff is, and that’s where I started with building MY roadmap.

I think what I ended up with is pretty cool.  It seems to fit with the message we are sending out at Lotus and it seems to fit with what my customers are looking for.  I think it’s a good roadmap, if I do say so myself!

So..in true “sharing my jungle gym” fashion, I’m going to share with all of you.  That’s right – I’m going to tell you about my roadmap in hopes it will help you with YOUR collaboration roadmap!  Stay tuned!!!!  It’ll be fun!!  😉